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UC-TP(Upgraded Version)Wireless Bodypack Microphone

  • Wireless

• Microcomputer controlled system, featuring frequency selection, LCD display, frequency data processing and automatic channel scan.

• On-board LCD display makes it easier to track system status and modify system settings.

• Transmitter battery level meter on receiver LCD screen, with low-power alert function.

• The system applies a variety of anti-interference technologies, comes with multiple non-interfering frequency presets, convenient for using several systems together.

• XLR balanced outputs and 6.3 unbalanced outputs, for connecting different external devices.

• 1U rack-sized metal chassis, aluminum alloy panel, sturdy, isolating harmonic radiation.

Product Detail

Transmitter (UC-TH1/UC-TH2/UC-TL/UC-TP/UC-TD)
• RF Power Output: 30mW max
• Oscillation Mode: PLL (digital frequency synthesizer)
• Transmission Frequency Stability: <30ppm
• Dynamic Range: ≥50dB(A)
• Frequency Response: 80Hz-18KHz
• Max Input SPL: 130dBSPL
• Handheld Mic Capsule: dynamic
• Bodypack/Conference Mic Capsule: condenser
• Power Supply: 2PCS AA alkaline batteries (expected use time is about 8hrs)

Overall System Parameters
• Frequency Range: 580-630MHz
• Frequency Bandwidth: 60MHz
• Modulation Method: FM
• Max Frequency Deviation: ±45KHz
• Frequency Response: 80Hz-18KHz
• Signal-To-Noise Ratio (S/N): >50dB
• Distortion (IkDz): <5%
• Operating Temperature: TOP ~ 55°C
• Working Distance: 100 meters (under ideal conditions)
• Power Consumption: 8W
• Static Power: 3W
Note: The above data is measured by Takstar laboratory.
• For karaoke, performance, conference, program host, speech, outdoor activity
• Wireless Microphone Bodypack1 PC
• Lavalier Microphone1 PC
• Headset Microphone1 PC
• 1.5V AA Battery2 PC

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