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TS-7220HH UHF Wireless Microphone

  • Karaoke
  • Wireless
  • Handheld
  • Cardioid
  • Dynamic
  • UHF
  • Front Address
• UHF frequency band features interference-free reception • Long operating range up to 50 meters in open area • Transmitter features excellent audio companding circuit and high quality cardioid capsule for best sound quality and maximum feedback rejection • Powered by 2pcs of 1.5V batteries for convenient use • Advanced pilot frequency lock function can better avoid interference and eliminate the on/off impulsive noise • Balanced(XLR) and unbalanced(6.3mm)output for convenient connection with various audio equipment • Receiver adopts quartz frequency multiplication fixed frequencies for simple and convenient use

Product Detail

• Frequency Range: 450MHz-950MHz
• Frequency Control: PLL/Quartz frequency multiplication
• Frequency Steadiness: ±0.005%
• Modulation Mode: FM
• Channel: fixed
• Receiving Mode: double conversion
• Frequency Response: 60Hz-15kHz
• Max. Frequency Deviation: ±45KHz
• S/N Ratio: >80dB
• THD: <0.5%
• Receiving Sensitivity: -80dBm
• Dynamic Range: >100dB
• Audio Output: balanced(XLR)and unbalanced(6.3mm)output
• Transmit Power: <10mW
• Transmitter Power Supply: 3V (2pcs 1.5V batteries)
• Transmitter Battery Playtime: approx. 10hrs(depending on the battery)
• Operating Range: 50m outdoors
• Operating Temperature: -20℃~60℃
Campus meeting, entertainment, speech, karaoke
Power Adaptor1pc
Audio Connecting Cable1pc
AA battery4pcs
User Manual1pc
Package:color box

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