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X5 Induction Version UHF Wireless Microphone

  • Karaoke
  • Wireless
  • Handheld
  • Cardioid
  • Dynamic
  • UHF

Handheld microphone with induction sensor which automatically enables/disables microphone based on its use status after power-on, preventing feedback and extending battery life.

UHF wide frequency band design with 200 preset frequencies optional. Able to use multiple sets at one venue simultaneously.

D-PLL RF frequency lock technology for accurate frequency and stable performance.

Double conversion communication provides strong resistance against interference.

Professional audio companding technology for wide dynamic range, low noise and tail sound.

Button Lock function on receiver prevents misoperation.

Intuitive LCD screen on receiver and transmitter.

Product Detail

Receiver Parameters:
Receiver Mode: double conversion superheterodyne
IF Frequency: 1st IF: 110MHz
                        2nd IF: 10.7MHz
Antenna Interface: TNC/50Ω
Sensitivity: 12 dBμV (80dB S/N)
Spurious Suppression: ≥75dB
Output Level: +3 dBV

Transmitter Parameters:
Output Power: ≤10mW
Spurious Suppression: -60dB
Power supply: 2 * AA battery
Battery Life: > 10 hours

System Parameters:
Frequency Range: 740~790MHz
Modulation: broadband FM
Adjustable Range: 50MHz
Number of Channels: 200
Channel Spacing: 250KHz
KTV, bars, parties, etc.

1 * X5 Receiver2 * Handheld Mic1 * Audio Cable
1 * Power Adapter2 * Antenna4 * 1.5V AA Battery
1 * Angle Bracket Set1 * User Manual

  • User manual

    X5 Induction Version User Manual2023-02-15 14:22:50Download

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