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DG-S200 Wired Conference System

  • Conference & Speech
  • Wired
  • Desktop
  • Gooseneck
  • Cardioid
  • Condenser
  • Front Address

 Connect up to 128 mic units on one control unit, expandable to 4096 mic units in one system via additional extension control units.

 8-pin aviation male connector, daisy chain connection, plus discrete gain selector on mic units.

 Max active mic limit (1/2/3/4/5/6), voting, speech permission and other data manage functions.

 Up to 30 configurable VIP units which can speak freely in any meeting mode as long as total active mic is less than 20.

 Five meeting modes supported: FIFO (First-in-First-Out), Normal, Voice Activated, Free, Request.

 In-built DSP (Digital Signal Processor) for low cut, frequency shift and EQ functions.

 Meeting recording function, automatically or manually controlled.

 Unit testing function, test automatically or manually.

 Speak duration and speak ending notice. Speak duration can be set to limit speak time or be turned off.

 Camera tracking system integrated on control unit, with 6 HDMI HD and 6 BNC SD video inputs, with auto tracking function.

 One RS232 serial port for seamless connection with central control system; one RS422 serial port for central control of 6 connected cameras.

 8-pin DIN aviation female connectors: one for interpreter unit, one for extension control unit, three for mic units.

 RCA sockets: two auxiliary audio inputs for connecting media playback devices; two auxiliary audio outputs for connecting pro amps, two alarm audio inputs for connecting alarm signal from fire center.

 XLR socket: for auxiliary audio output, in parallel with two auxiliary RCA audio outputs (LINE OUT), for connecting pro amps.

 With +5V alarm trigger voltage input, for emergency alarm audio insertion through alarm audio input.

 RJ45 port supports TCP/IP network protocol for network system control via PC software.

 Full-metal housing with enhanced wire and case grounding and anti-static capability at contact & air discharge level 4~8kV.

Product Detail

Wired Conference System Control Unit
• AUX Input Voltage: 250(±20) mV
• Alarm Input Voltage: 250(±20) mV
• Max Input Voltage: 4(±0.2) mV
• AUX Output Voltage: 1(±0.1) mV
• BALANCE OUT Voltage: 10(±5) mV
• Frequency Response: 40Hz-20kHz(±3dB)
• THD + Noise: <1%
• Operating Voltage: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
• Static Power Consumption: < 15W
• Max Power Consumption: 350W

Wired Conference System Discussion Unit
• Sensitivity: -38dB/Pa
• Frequency Response: 50Hz-12kHz(±3dB)
• THD + Noise: <1%
• Headphone Output: 35mW, 32Ω, 3.5mm
• Operating Voltage: DC 24V from control unit
• Static Power Consumption: < 1W
• Max Power Consumption: 2W

Note: The above data is measured by Takstar laboratory.
Conference rooms for enterprises, institutions, government agencies
DG-S200 Control Unit
Control Unit1 pc.
Control Cable1 pc.
XLR Audio Cable1 pc.
8-Conductor Extension Cable (13m)1 pc.
Power Cord1 pc.
User Manual1 pc.
Software CD1 pc.
*PACKAGING: Kraft box(L*W*H)528*333*185mm

DG-S200A1 Chairman Unit
DG-S200A11 pc.
Main Cable 2m/Branch Line 1.5m1 pc.
*PACKAGING: Kraft box,(L*W*H)274*203*137mm

DG-S200A2 Delegate Unit
DG-S200A21 pc.
Main Cable 2m/Branch Line 1.5m1 pc.
*PACKAGING: Kraft box,(L*W*H)274*203*137mm

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