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SC-TW Wireless Conference Microphone

  • Karaoke
  • Wireless
  • Handheld
  • Cardioid
  • Dynamic
  • Front Address
  • UHF

UHF band design, avoiding industrial frequency interference.

Wide frequency design, 400 selectable channels, wireless transmission up to 50 meters.

High performance pickup, capturing sound clearly, naturally and effortlessly at distance.

Low-cut function, effectively reducing the impact of environmental noise or desk vibration.

Gain control, adaptable to different on-site requirements.

Wireless charging/Type-C wired charging supported; use while charging.

Capacitive mute control, eliminating mechanical noise from conventional switch.

Product Detail

• Frequency Range: 470~960 MHz (segmented)
• Transmit Power: ≤10mW
• Spurious Rejection: ≥50dB
• Second Harmonic: ≥-40dBc
• Frequency Stability: ±0.015%
• Battery Capacity: 1000mAh 3.7Wh
• Pickup Distance: ≤50cm
• Battery Life: approx. 8 hours
• Mic Size (L*W*H): 129*101*325mm
• Mic Weight: approx. 625g
• Charge Time: approx. 3hrs
• Charge Mode: 5V/12V wired, or 10W wireless

Note: The above data is measured by Takstar laboratory.
Suitable for conference, broadcast.
Wireless Conference Microphone1 pc
1.5m Type-C Power Cable1 pc

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