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TS-3310UH Wireless Microphone

  • Karaoke
  • Performance
  • Handheld
  • Wireless
  • Cardioid
  • Dynamic
  • Front Address
  • UHF

•  High-performance UHF integrated circuit, multiple frequency channels selectable, better stability and nook coverage

•  Special channel ID code (tone-key) function effectively prevents crosstalk

•  Intuitive work status overview on LCD display

•  One-key scan function on receiver autom atically finds the best available channel

•  IR sync to easily sync transmitter and receiver in one easy press

•  Independent balanced XLR and unbalanced 6.3 combo output

Product Detail

• Frequency Range: 470-932MHz (segmented)
• Frequency Stability:± 10ppm
• Sensitivity: 10dBuV
• Adjacent Channel Rejection: 65dB
• Image Frequency Rejection: 75dB
• Audio Output: 200mV
• Output Impedance: XLR connector: 200Ω; 1/4” connector: 1K
• S/N Ratio: 100dB
• Distortion: <0.1%
• Frequency Response: 50Hz-18KHz
• Receiving Distance: 100 (m)
• Function Display: LCD
• Power Supply: DC12V
• Dimension: 210*180*45mm
• Weight: approx. 745g
• Material: iron case, aluminum panel

• Frequency Range: 470-932MHz (segmented)
• Frequency Stability:± 10ppm
• Transmit Power: 10mW
• Receiving Distance: 100 (m)
• Harmonic Suppression: >65dB
• Modulation: FM
• Max Modulation Degree: 75K
• Operating Voltage: 3V
• Operating Current: 120mA
• Function Display: LCD

Note: The above data is measured by Takstar laboratory.
Classroom, KTV, conference, family entertainment and outdoor performance
TS-3310 UH Receiver1 pc
Audio Output Cable1 pc
Power Adapter1 pc
Handheld Microphone2 pcs
AA Battery4 pcs
Mic Anti-Roll Ring2 pcs
User Manual1 pc

  • User manual

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