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G108 8-Channel Wireless Conference System

  • Wired
  • Conference & Speech
  • Gooseneck
  • Handheld
  • Cardioid
  • Condenser
  • Front Address

·        UHF 612.25MHz~690.00MHz with strong anti-interference property.

·        PLL and high-precision quartz crystal, plus MCU control for high frequency stability.

·        IR sync function for ease of use.

·        Advanced digital pilot frequency which eliminates interference and crosstalk.

·        Three AND-logic squelch circuits to prevent noise and surge upon power on/off.

·        Auto frequency finder to help find the interference-free channel quickly and easily.

·        Adjustable transmission power and noise gate, effectively adapting to different use distance.

·        Dual boost circuit to ensure transmission performance unaffected by decrease of battery voltage.

·        Simple UI and controls to prevent accidental setting changes leading to malfunction.

·        Silent switch on conference microphone to avoid mechanical switch noise.

·        Highly sensitive vocal pickup, allowing effortless speech or singing.

·        Stackable without worrying interference or crosstalk between one another.

Product Detail

System Parameters
•	Frequency Range: 612.25MHz-690.00MHz
•	Frequency Band: 612.25-667.00MHz, 640.00-690.00MHz
•	Modulation: FM
•	Frequency Channel: 400 (200 channels per band, 2 bands in total)
•	Channel Spacing: 250KHz
•	Oscillation Mode: PLL synthesized
•	Frequency Stability: ±10ppm
•	Dynamic Range: 100dB
•	Audio Frequency Response: 60-1600Hz
•	S/N Ratio: ≥110dB
•	Distortion: ≤0.5%
•	Operating Range: 150m (open area)
•	Operating Temperature: -10℃~+50℃

Transmitter Specifications
•	Antenna: built-in
•	Spurious Suppression: -60dB
•	Output Power: 10~30mW
•	Power Supply: 2x1.5V AA battery
•	Battery Life: 10~20h (subject to the battery)

Receiver Specifications
•	Receiving Mode: dual conversion superheterodyne
•	Intermediate Frequency: 110MHz, 10.7MHz
•	Antenna: BNC/50Ω
•	Receiving Sensitivity: -95~-75dBm
•	Spurious Suppression: ≥-75dB
•	Audio Output: +10dB
•	Power Supply: DC 12V
•	Power Consumption: ≤7W

• Conference room, classroom, multifunction hall.
• G108   Receiver1PC
• User   Manual1PC
• G108Z Handheld microphoneOPTIONAL
• G108T Gooseneck microphoneOPTIONAL
*PACKAGING: Kraft box

Note: Microphone units are sold separately and should be matched as per your use needs.

  • User manual

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