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PH200 Cell Phone Microphone

  • PC & Cell Phone Karaoke
  • Handheld
  • Cardioid
  • Front Address
  • Wired

• Tailored for mobile Karaoke, webcast, suitable for smartphone/iPad/PC application;

• Built-in DSP chip; Press one button to switch 8 sound effect,convenient operation;

• Real time accurate monitoring, ultralow delay;

• Built-in sound card chip, recording without loss when linking withPC/cell phone via USB;

• 12 autotune effects switched freely for easy and reliable singing;

• Smart noise reducing function to shield mic picking up ambient noise,purer singing;

• Linking 200 microphones for singing at most for chorus;

• Accompaniment connector, linking with external audio source to play accompaniment or host effect during webcast;

• Built-in Li-ion battery, operating during charging, operation time about 10h continuously.

Product Detail

System Specification
• Data Transmission: USB2.0
• Sample Rate: 48KHz/16bit
• Cartridge:Φ16mm condenser cartridge
• Polar Pattern: cardioid
• Frequency Response:20Hz-20KHz
• Sensitivity:-34+/-3dB (0db=1V/Pa/m at 1KHz)
• THD: THD<0.5% 1KHz
• Headset Out Power: 100mW/32Ω
• Main Chip: DSP
• Reverb:Reverb
• Autotune: 12Autotune
• Dimension:∅30*218mm (dia*H)
• Net Weight: approximate 276g

Battery Specification
• Type: Li-ion battery
• Battery Capacity:1300mAh
• Charging: USB 5V/1A
• Charging Time: approximate 2h
• Operation Time: approximate 10h

Connector Specification
• Audio Connector:
Cell phone connector Φ 3.5mm,
headset connector Φ 3.5mm,
accompaniment connector Φ 3.5mm,
mic connector Φ3.5mm
• Data Connector: Micro USB

Note: the above data are measured by Takstar laboratory and Takstar has the right of final interpretation.
Cell phone/iPad/PC: Karaoke, webcast, recording
• Suitable for various entertainment webcast APPs and influencer marketingplatforms
• PH200 microphone1 PC
• Audio cable (Φ3mm*1.2m)2 PCS
• Micro USB data cable(Φ4mm*1.2m)1 PC
• Windscreen1 PC
• User manual1 PC
• Quick start guide1 PC

  • User manual

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