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WHM-24A Harmonica Wireless Microphone

  • Instrument
  • Wireless
  • Bidirectional
  • UHF
  • Unique concealed strip cartrldge

  • Magnet design for convenient installatlon

  • Conveniently for harmonica professional Wah sound;This is the advantage which dynamic microphone can not achieve

  • Balance acoustic design for picking up high/mid/low frequency sound

  • Multiple cartridges operate simultaneously

  • The circuit of balanced mixing technology and unique impedance for Hi-Fi sound

  • Low gain high SPL picking up promotes the max SPL level

  • Cell phone accompaniment music and harmonica sound transmitted viaslmultaneously

  • UHF low power consumption,high anti-interference capability, more than 40m transmission range

  • Advanced RFI shield technology to isolate cell phone signal interference

Product Detail

• Cartridge: back electret
• Polar Pattern:bidirectional
• Frequency Response: 60HZ-16KHZ
• Sensitivity: -69土3dB
• Charging: DC 5V/100mA
• Operation Voltage: DC 3-4.5V
• Connector: 3.5mm/mono
• Frequency Range:630MHz-890MHz (frequency band)
• UHF Transmission Range: approximate 40m (open area)
• Battery:Lithium battery 300mAh 3.7V
• Charging Time: <2h
• Operation Time: approximate 3h
• Net Weight: 24g(WHM-24A)
Harmonica performance
Harmonica   microphone1PC
Charging cable1PC
long magnet sheet2PC
Short magnet sheet4PC
wrist strap1PC

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