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ENS-10G IP Network Digital Power Amplifier

  • IP Public Address

   The IP network digital power amplifier is designed with Takstar IP Audio network audio technology and one dynamic microphone input connector, two conference microphone input connectors, two aux line in connectors, one line out connector, independent volume control of each channel, and priority function to achieve background music playing and PA function. 

  • Rack mount design, high performance network fixed voltage power amplifier, attack time≤1S

  • Class D power amplifier,ENS-10G12 (120W) /ENS-10G24 (240W) /ENS-10G36 (360W) /ENS-10G55 (550W) /ENS-10G70 (700W )(fixed voltage 100V), low temperature, high efficiency, power saving mode during no signal

  • 5 input channels,each of 5 has independent volume control, master volume control for all 

  • Freely set the priority of 5 input channels(microhpone has top priority)

  • Audio cable for linking with external power amplifier

  • Standard RJ45 interface to link with ethernet, supporting cross network band and cross router

  • Note: When the network audio module is not configured, is can be used as digital PA power amplifier. 

Product Detail

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