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PC-K500FX Side-address Microphone

  • Recording
  • PC & Cell Phone Karaoke
  • Wired
  • Cardioid
  • Condenser
  • Side Address
  • Built-in premium 3D reverberation chip achieves hardware reverberation. Professional 24-Bit AD/DA converter chip solves the delay problem caused by software reverberation and greatly enhance  the monitoring quality. By adjusting the reverberation knob on the microphone, you can add perfect 3D reverberation effect 

  • Professional American TI brand top preamplifier chip for 25 times microphone volume output amplification by adjusting the 1dB–25dB gain knob. Condenser microphone with small sound due to integrated sound card no longer happens

  • Professional low-noise & low-power consumption amplifier, and excellent circuit design provides S/N over 72dB which reduces the noise and distortion to the minimum

  • No need driver installation and complicated debugging for easy operation

  • Plug and play design (USB power mode, no need to connect with mixer, microphone amplifier or othe amplifier or other equipment with 48V phantom power supply; audio output cable with Ø3.5mm plug for connecting to PC MIC INPUT directly

  • Supplied with simple swivel mount, desktop stand and windscreen

Product Detail

• Transducer Principle: Condenser
• Directivity Characteristic: Cardioid
• Frequency Response: 30Hz-20kHz
• Sensitivity: -37±3dB
• Output Impedance: 100Ω±30%
• Load Impedance: ≥1000Ω
• Equivalent Noise Level: ≤22dB
• Max. SPL: ≥130dB (at 1kHz  THD≤1%)
• S/N: ≥72dB
• Gain: +1dB-+25dB 
• Reverb Mode: 3D sound effect reverberation 
• Audio Output Cable: Ø4mm x 3m (Ø3.5mm gold-plated plug)
• USB Cable: Ø4mm x 3m (standard USB plug)
• Power Supply: USB DC5V
• Dimension: Ø45mm x 150mm (diameter x length)
• Weight: 460g (included cable)
Home entertainment, personal recording studio, chat rooms, broadcasting
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