HD 3000 Monitor Headphone

  • Monitoring
  • Wired
  • Head-mounted
  • Full-bodied bass, accurates, extended highs

  • Closed design for excellent attenuation of ambient noise 

  • High-quality PU ear pads for outstanding wearing comfort 

  • Rotatable ear cup for one-ear listening

  • Optional spring or straight cable, detachable and single-side

Product Detail

• Type: Wired, closed design
• Transducer Principle: Dynamic
• Wearing Style: Headworn
• Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
• Sensitivity: 90dB 
• Driver Diameter: Ø50mm
• Max.Input Power: 1500mW
• Rated Power: 700mW
• Impedance: 60Ω
• Connector: stereo Ø4mm x 1.2m + Ø6.3mm gold plated
• Cable: Ø4mm x 2.2m + Ø3.5mm gold plated connector
• Net Weight: 285g (w/o cable)
DJ, audio mixing, recording studio monitoring
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