Chongqing Construction Group is a leading enterprise group in China, primarily engaged in building construction, infrastructure development, and investment. As the demand for daily meetings and training activities continues to grow, the company's new smart and eco-friendly production base plans to upgrade the audio systems in its multi-function halls and conference rooms to enhance meeting and event efficiency.

For the Multi-Function Hall

To cater to the diverse usage needs and ensure equipment durability and reliability, the Takstar (Chongqing) professional team selected the EKS-151 full-range loudspeakers as the main speakers and the EKL-081 loudspeakers for supplementary sound reinforcement, providing a high-clarity and evenly distributed audio environment. Powered by the EA-2 professional amplifier with Class-AB + toroidal power supply design, the system delivers crisp highs, transparent mids, and solid lows.




The audio solution also integrates the DG-U100 wireless conference microphone system and TS-8809 wireless microphones to enable seamless multi-person discussions and mobile presentations. The XR26 digital mixer and EKX-808 digital matrix processor handle audio mixing, EQ, and volume control to optimize the sound quality.



For the Conference Room

The rectangular conference room (around 80-150 sq.m) is equipped with a tailored audio system featuring the UC-4R wireless microphones as the audio source, paired with ESC-034 column speakers, the EA-2 professional amplifier, AM10 mixer, FE-224N feedback suppressor, and EPO-802N power sequencer. This setup ensures advanced, scalable, and maintainable performance.


The UC-TH2 rectangular short-stem conference microphone with UHF wireless technology simplifies installation, while achieving a perfect balance between sound quality and visual aesthetics. The 100-meter wireless range allows it to be moved freely, enhancing meeting flexibility and convenience. The high-sensitivity condenser microphone capsule precisely captures every audio detail with clear, noise-free, and effortless speech reproduction.


The ESC-034 column speakers, with four 3-inch 20mm-core full-range drivers vertically aligned, provide wide directivity and long-throw capabilities. The adjustable high-frequency filtering and directivity control further cater to the acoustic requirements of the conference room.