The China Ecological Baijiu Research Institute, located within the Yingjia Chunfeng Meijiu Town in Huoshan County, Luan City, Anhui Province, has a planned land area of 24.53 mu and a total building area of 4,295.92 square meters. The three-story building houses facilities such as the Chief Scientist's office, senior researcher workstations, and an ecological baijiu laboratory, dedicated to scientific research, talent cultivation, and conference/office use.


For this project, the Takstar (Anhui) professional technical team designed and built the audio systems for the institute's report hall, two conference rooms, and three circular classrooms, aiming to achieve high-clarity speech reinforcement and enhance the overall efficiency and convenience of the facilities.

Report Hall

Configured with Takstar's ESC-90 column speakers as the main sound reinforcement, supplemented by ELV-101 full-range loudspeakers, the entire sound field is powered by EKA-10D/EKA-8D two-channel digital amplifiers to ensure even sound distribution and appropriate volume levels, meeting the requirements of the indoor space.


Microphones include the DG-S100 desktop conference system and X7HH long-range wireless microphones, paired with the TS-AD antenna distribution and amplification system to increase the reception distance and transmission stability, maximizing the performance advantages of the audio system.



Conference Room 1

The ESC-044 column speakers not only improve the uniformity of the sound field coverage and the clarity of the conference speech, but also seamlessly integrate with the overall interior design. The conference table is equipped with the DG-U100 wireless conference microphone system, utilizing SUB G data scheduling technology for UHF transmission without the need for wiring, supporting up to 83 conference units with up to 4 channel of simultaneous discussions. Additionally, the G5 wireless microphones with a range of up to 100 meters are provided for convenient mobile presentations.


The EKX-408 four-in-eight-out digital audio processor is used for flexible configuration of crossover modes, equalization, and delay compensation. Other equipment such as the EB-16DY power sequencer, XR-612FX mixer, EA-2 professional amplifier, and FE-224N digital feedback suppressor effectively suppress noise, improve sound quality, and ensure conference efficiency and sound reinforcement quality.



Conference Room 2

The main sound reinforcement is provided by the T7 ultra-thin loudspeakers, featuring two 6-inch 25mm-core paper cone woofers with wide frequency response and high speech clarity, paired with four 2.5-inch 13mm-core paper cone tweeters for a sweet and refined sound. The special vertical directivity selection function offers "+20°~-20°", "+20°~-70°", and "-20°~-70°" options to suit different acoustic environments.



Second-floor Circular Classrooms

For the three second-floor circular classrooms with varying sizes, the Takstar (Anhui) professional technical team configured different models of sound reinforcement equipment. Classroom 1 uses the EKL-101 professional loudspeakers, delivering a balanced and natural sound quality for both music and speech.

Circular Classroom 1 (112㎡)




Circular Classroom 2 (67㎡)

Classrooms 2 and 3 utilize the ESC-044 column speakers, with clean and full mid-low frequencies, and smooth and gentle high frequencies. The adjustable "Music", "Vocal", and "Flat" modes cater to different application scenarios. Complementary equipment, including the XR-612FX mixer, EA-2 professional amplifier, EPO-802N power sequencer, and EKX-808 digital matrix processor, ensure system stability and expandability.



Circular Classroom 3 (52㎡)