Putian Foreign Language School (Mazu City Campus of Putian No.1 Middle School), a key public high school affiliated with the Putian No.1 Middle School Education Group, is located in the North Shore Economic Development Zone. The school is well-equipped with multimedia classrooms, science labs, art centers, and sports facilities, steadily improving its educational standards. It has been awarded honors such as "Fujian Provincial Characteristic School for Campus Football" and "Standardized Management School for Compulsory Education".


The school's gymnasium has a large capacity of over 3,000 people, serving as the venue for various large-scale performances, anniversary celebrations, and sporting events. The sound system upgrade project focused on the selection and installation of speaker systems, microphones, amplifiers, and mixing consoles. Takstar's professional technical team conducted on-site acoustic analysis and simulation design, providing a scientifically sound installation plan.


To address the challenge of long reverberation time in the gymnasium, the solution utilized ELA-121 line array full-range speakers and ELA-181 subwoofers as the main sound reinforcement, delivering low distortion output and long-throw capability even at high power, with powerful low-frequency punch and crisp, smooth high-frequency response. ELV-182 dual 18-inch subwoofers were floor-mounted to supplement the ultra-low-frequency range.


Eight 15-inch ELV-151 full-range speakers were wall-mounted in the mid-to-rear area to compensate for the sound pressure level loss due to distance from the main speakers. Four ELV-121M stage monitors were also provided for the performers and musicians on stage. EKA-series professional power amplifiers and an XR26 digital mixing console with EKX-160 digital matrix processor were utilized to ensure uniform sound coverage and consistent listening experience throughout the venue.




For vocal pickup, CM-450-L vacuum tube microphones were selected for choral performances, while the G108 wireless 8-channel microphone system offered a variety of handheld, lavalier, and headset options for multiple performers. Additionally, the G5 wireless microphone with a reach of up to 100 meters was provided for mobile presentations and hosting. The TS-AD series antenna distribution and amplification system further enhanced the wireless signal reception distance and stability, ensuring clear, long-range voice pickup.


To seamlessly integrate and process the audio signals, the solution employed an XR26 digital mixing console and an EKX-160 digital matrix processor. The EKX-160 offered 16 balanced inputs and outputs, providing full-featured matrix mixing capabilities with patented component-level adjustments. The system can be conveniently controlled and switched between 8 different configurations via iPad or iPhone apps.

Furthermore, the FE-224N digital feedback suppressor effectively eliminated any feedback noise within the system, protecting the sound equipment and improving overall audio quality. The EPO-802N power sequencer, equipped with built-in filtration, reduced external interference and provided unified control over the power management of all connected devices.


The complete solution was well-received by the school, which successfully hosted its New Year's and 10th-anniversary celebration performances after the system installation.

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