The Education and Training Research Center in Huaxi District is a subordinate institution under the Huaxi District Education Bureau. It focuses on providing information technology and modern education technology services to primary and secondary schools, as well as kindergartens in the district. The center guides schools in conducting educational research and assists teachers in mastering remote education technology, integrating modern education information technology with curriculum teaching.


To promote the regular application of the "Master Teacher, Model School, and Dedicated Classroom" initiative at the Huaxi District Education and Training Research Center, Takstar provided audio equipment and technical support to enhance the interactive exchanges in the master teacher lecture halls and create a high-quality classroom teaching environment.


For the sound reinforcement, Takstar selected the EBS-640 constant-impedance ceiling speakers paired with the EA-3 professional power amplifier. The speakers are distributed in a multi-point layout to ensure uniform sound coverage, delivering clear and full-bodied audio in every corner of the room. The coaxial high-low frequency driver design ensures consistent sound imaging and accurate positioning.


The microphone system includes the UC-TH1 gooseneck wireless microphone for the speaker, as well as the UC-TD wireless handheld microphone, UC-TL/TP earworn and lavalier wireless microphones to accommodate interactive demonstrations where portability of microphone is required. These wireless solutions offer stable transmission, effective interference prevention, and a range of up to 100 meters. The CM-63 professional condenser microphone, with its wide frequency response and high sensitivity, as well as low-frequency attenuation and sensitivity adjustment features, can be used for various applications, such as broadcasting and instrument recording.



For sound processing, the AM14 analog mixer is used for amplification, distribution, audio quality enhancement, and effect processing of the multiple input signals. The EKX-808 digital matrix processor, with its 8-in-8-out design and features like high/low-cut, parametric EQ, noise gate, compressor, phase, and delay, enables flexible matrix routing between all inputs and outputs. The built-in test signal generator and 21 independent user presets with password protection and cascading control further ensure the device's security and convenience.



Committed to supporting the development of education, Takstar's audio reinforcement solution not only enhances the teaching facilities at the Huaxi District Education and Training Research Center, but also constructs an efficient communication platform, contributing to the successful implementation of the master teacher lecture initiative across the entire Huaxi District education system.