To ensure the smooth progress of press conferences, reports, and other activities, a government unit in Yanjiao, Langfang, Hebei recently collaborated with Takstar to install a comprehensive audio system in their conference hall. The goal was to create a clear and accurate sound environment for effective communication of their announcements.

The Takstar (Hebei) professional technical team designed and installed the system based on the hall's size, acoustics, and intended use. The system meets national technical standards in terms of sound pressure level, sound pickup gain, and sound field uniformity, while also ensuring compatibility, reliability, and scalability.


Given the scale of the project, the team utilized a combination of line array speakers and point source speakers to achieve uniform sound coverage. The ELA-121 line array full-range speakers and ELA-181 subwoofers served as the main speakers, providing low-distortion output and long projection distance, with a powerful and smooth low-frequency performance. To supplement the coverage in the central area, four additional line array speakers were installed at the front center of the hall.



To compensate for the coverage gaps and direct sound attenuation from the main speakers, the solution incorporated the ELV-121 full-range speakers and ELV-121M monitor speakers, paired with the EKA-N series power amplifiers, EKX-808 digital matrix processor, EKX-5A preamplifier/effects processor, and EPO-802P power sequencer. This ensures consistent and uniform sound quality with wide dynamic range and rich, clear, and full-bodied voice reproduction.

For the microphone system, the team selected the SC-TW wireless conference microphones for the seated participants, as well as the G5 wireless handheld microphones with their powerful signal reception capability and up to 100-meter range. The TS-AD series antenna distribution system further enhances the signal coverage and stability, effectively preventing interference.




This audio solution fully meets the daily requirements and specifications of the conference hall in Yanjiao, Langfang, Hebei, combining scientific design and stability. The system has been approved by the relevant personnel and has achieved the expected standards. Moving forward, Takstar will continue to leverage its technical expertise and project experience to contribute to more areas with its sound solutions.