The Jinshuitan Hydropower Plant, a state-owned large-scale power generation enterprise under State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Company, was established in 2008. The plant's administrative office is located in Jinshuidata Building in Lishui, Zhejiang, focusing on the operation, maintenance and repair of hydropower equipment and facilities. The plant emphasizes talent cultivation and development, aiming to become a benchmark for conventional hydropower plant transformation and development.


The audio system installed in the Jinshuitan Hydropower Plant's conference rooms is primarily used for voice amplification and multimedia audio playback. The key requirements were to improve speech clarity, ensure high-quality voice reproduction, and provide convenient operation with flexible functionality.


The Takstar (Zhejiang) professional technical team selected the EKL-121 and EKL-101 professional speakers as the main and supplementary full-range speakers, respectively. Paired with the EA-2 professional power amplifier, AM14 analog mixer, FE-224N digital feedback suppressor, EKX-408 digital audio processor, and EPO-802N power sequencer, the system delivers clear and uniform voice coverage while ensuring compatibility, reliability, and scalability.

The loudspeakers' unique high-frequency filtering function allows for adjustments to the audio brightness and high-frequency details. The playback mode switch provides "voice" and "music" options to cater to the diverse needs of the conference room.




To enhance the fluency and efficiency of daily meetings, training sessions, and discussions, the DG-S101T2 embedded conference system was selected. This solution enables free discussion, speaking queue, chairman control, and video tracking functionalities, effectively improving meeting management. The system can support up to 250 delegate units, offering strong expandability.

The gooseneck-mounted microphones are securely fixed on the desktops, minimizing sound interference caused by movement. Whether it's a conference discussion or a work report, the speakers' voices are transmitted clearly and accurately, while the discreet desktop wiring maintains a neat and tidy conference room environment, contributing to a comfortable and multifunctional setting.