Hangzhou Bay Automotive College is a secondary college under the Ningbo Institute of Technology, covering an area of 500 mu (around 83 acres) with a beautiful environment and advanced educational facilities. The college has fully leveraged its advantageous location, deeply promoting the integration of production and education as well as school-enterprise cooperation. It is committed to building a world-class automotive industry-featured college with the integration of government, industry, academia, and research. The college has been selected as one of the top ten featured pilot colleges in Ningbo and a provincial-level demonstration base for the integration of production and education in Zhejiang.


The current project mainly aims to improve the sound reinforcement systems, i.e., IP broadcast system and outdoor sound reinforcement system, on the school's sports field. This project can provide strong equipment support and guarantee for the school's daily broadcasts, performances, and various sports activities, promoting the efficient dissemination of campus information and the diversified development of campus education.


As the school's sports field is a large-scale venue, it requires long-distance and high-sound pressure level sound reinforcement. The professional technical team of Takstar (Zhejiang) conducted on-site acoustic analysis and simulation design, configuring the ELA-082 line array full-range loudspeakers and ELA-181 subwoofers, which are suspended on both sides of the rostrum area, forming a consistent coverage from near to far, ensuring the entire sports field meets the standard sound field uniformity. The combination of EKA series power amplifiers, XR-612FX 12-channel mixer, and EPO-802N power sequencer provides high-level scalability and configurability, delivering performance-grade sound quality and clear sound transmission.





To meet the school's daily broadcast requirements, the outdoor sound reinforcement uses EBS-100W broadcast columns, which feature professional dust-proof design, extruded aluminum appearance, and water-proof, sun-proof, and anti-drop characteristics, allowing them to withstand harsh outdoor environments while maintaining transparent and bright sound quality. The selection of the EBS-100A 1000W broadcast amplifier provides stable power output for the system.



The EBS-1C digital programming controller is used for unified system settings and scheduling. With its ARM+DSP chip architecture and embedded RTOS operating system, it integrates 8 programmable zones, 4 programmable power supplies, and supports PC-side editing of timed programs and custom remote control, enabling functions such as timed automatic bell ringing, recess exercises or school radio program playback, remote paging, on-demand inserts, and fire emergency alert, significantly enriching the campus cultural life of students and significantly improving the intelligence level of campus management.