Fei County People's Court is located in Fei County, Linyi City, Shandong Province. Since its establishment in 1950, it has always adhered to the work orientation of serving the people and fair justice. It faithfully performs the duties conferred by the Constitution and laws, and has been awarded honors such as "Advanced Group of Court Party Building Work in China", "Demonstration Unit of Court Cultural Construction in Shandong Province", "Advanced Unit of Adjudication Work in Shandong Province", and " Advanced Unit of Court Judicial Administration Work in Shandong Province".


This project is mainly to build a sound system for the command center of Fei County People's Court, in order to improve the facilities for relevant court meetings and offices. Takstar (Shandong) professional technical team conducted on-site investigation and selected the DG-U100 wireless microphone system as the pickup device. The system adopts SUB G data scheduling technology for UHF transmission, capable of connecting 83 conference units with 4 channels for simultaneous speech without interference. It also supports tracking of up to 7 cameras which allows real-time visual tracking of whoever is speaking.


Furthermore, the wireless microphone system features various functions such as remote control of channel gain/frequency switching, two speaking modes (first-in-first-out and no-delegate), 15-segment EQ adjustment of channels, feedback suppression, echo delay effect setting, exciter processing, intelligent power management, etc. These can be directly set on the control unit or remotely via LAN PC software.



To ensure even sound distribution, sufficient sound pressure levels, and clear vocal clarity in the indoor environment, Takstar (Shandong) team selected the ESC-90 column speaker as the sound reinforcement device. Each ESC-90 speaker column contains nine 4-inch 25-core paper cone woofers. Combined with a rubber surround with excellent elasticity and fatigue resistance, high-quality crossover components, and sound-absorbing cotton attached to the inner walls of the cabinet, the overall sound quality is clear, delicate, and pleasant to listen to. The unique sound correction circuit allows for adjustment of the high frequencies, and the "near field" and "far field" modes can be switched to meet different usage requirements.


EKA-403N four-channel professional power amplifier, AM14 tuning console, and FE-224N feedback suppressor work together to further improve system stability and sound transmission effects. The sound system solution has been built and put into use. With neat and tidy overall layout matching the command center's decoration style, rich and flexible application functions, clear and full sound quality and high intelligibility of speech, it provides strong support for the efficient and orderly operation of various tasks in the court.