The Education Bureau of Dongying City is located at 118 Fuqian Street, Dongying District, Dongying City, Shandong Province. It is responsible for educational planning, administration and coordination of educational resources in the city. This project aims to equip the meeting room of the Education Bureau with an audio system to improve the quality of relevant educational seminars and conferences.


Based on the on-site requirements and customer needs, Takstar (Shandong) technical team selected the DG-U100 wireless conference microphone system and the MS800 conference microphones as the audio equipment. The design is aesthetically pleasing, and the high-sensitivity microphone ensures precise sound pickup, high-fidelity reproduction of voices, and stable, clear speech. Additionally, an SC-2R wireless handheld microphone system with a range of up to 50 meters is configured on the lectern for free movement of main presenters when speaking or demonstrating.



Considering that the main function of the meeting room is language reinforcement, with a requirement for low distortion, high speech clarity, and uniform sound coverage, Takstar (Shandong) team selected the ESC-044 sound column as the reinforcement device. The installation position and angle of the sound column were finely adjusted according to the site environment to achieve the desired effect, providing excellent speech intelligibility. The sound column speaker consists of four 4-inch 25-core paper cone woofers and one 25-core NdFeB tweeter, with characteristics such as wide frequency response range, wide coverage, and low distortion. The vertical linear arrangement projects sound widely and carries voices far. Its unique high-frequency filter adjustment function meets the room's high-frequency response adjustment needs while better accommodating the room's acoustics.



The entire audio system is enhanced by the XR-612FX twelve-channel mixer. It is also equipped with the EA-2 professional power amplifier, FE-224N digital feedback suppressor, EPO-802P power sequencer, and other devices to ensure uniform sound distribution in every position of the meeting room and facilitate efficient communication of conference decisions.