Lande School, a key public school in the Lande region of Daqing, Heilongjiang Province, designated as a major public project in 2009, is affiliated with the Daqing Oilfield Education Center. The school is located in the central part of the Lande Residential District in the beautiful Wuhu New Area of the Oil City, integrating ecology, nature, modernity, and livability. It boasts a pleasant environment, a strong faculty, complete campus facilities, and a steady improvement in the quality of education.


To promote the construction of educational informatization in the school, Lande School has upgraded its campus IP broadcasting system. The project mainly covers areas such as classrooms, the exterior of teaching buildings, and the playground. TAKSTAR (Heilongjiang) professional technical team, in accordance with the on-site architectural structure and design standards, has selected a digital IP network broadcasting system solution consisting of TAKSTAR IP-1M network broadcasting server, IP-04G network audio collector, IP-11Y1 digital IP PA active speaker, IP-10X network paging microphone, IP-A series network power amplifier, IP-10J network fire alarm matrix, EBS-10W wall-mounted speaker, EBS-60W/100W waterproof column speaker, and other equipment.





The IP broadcasting system transmits audio through Ethernet and provides point-to-point broadcasting or free zone grouping control and management based on the system and bandwidth processing capabilities. It features 24/7 scheduled automatic programming, enabling unmanned intelligent broadcasting. It meets the diverse playback requirements of the school, such as scheduled bell ringing, playing campus songs during break times, flag-raising ceremonies, recess exercises, eye protection exercises, and remote broadcasting. Additionally, it allows for the playback of network multimedia programs and campus-produced programs through the campus network. This system not only enriches students' campus life but also provides strong support for the school's standardized, flexible, and high-quality educational activities.