Hunan Writers Association is a professional people's organization consisting of voluntary writers and literary workers of various ethnic groups in Hunan Province, led by the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China. It serves as a bridge and bond between the Party, the government, and the vast number of writers and literary workers in Hunan Province, playing an important role in promoting the literary cause, strengthening the construction of advanced culture, and enhancing spiritual civilization.


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To enhance the sound quality, system stability, and ease of operation of the auditorium's audio system, and to facilitate efficient literary discussions, conference decision-making, and writer training, the Hunan Writers Association has chosen TAKSTAR sound system for the project's system upgrade and sound reinforcement.



Taking into consideration the clarity of speech and the richness of multimedia playback, the professional technical team from TAKSTAR (Hunan) has selected the EKS-152 full-range speaker as the main speaker. The speaker features a dual tweeter design, delivering a more transparent, delicate, and penetrating sound. It is complemented by the ELV-181 subwoofer, which provides a thick and powerful low-frequency energy while maintaining clear mid-range vocals and clear representation of high-frequency harmonics. The EKL-101 professional speaker and EBS-640 fixed-impedance ceiling speaker serve as auxiliary speakers, ensuring even sound coverage throughout the auditorium and good directional control.


In terms of microphone equipment, the chosen solution is the G108 wireless conference system, which offers high-sensitivity pickup performance, strong stability, and high-fidelity reproduction of human voices. Additionally, the X7 wireless microphone with a range of up to 500 meters is used to meet interactive speaking requirements and bridge the gap between the stage and the audience. The configuration includes the AM14 mixer, EKX series audio processor, and FE-224N automatic feedback suppressor. These devices, with their powerful audio processing capabilities and flexible and precise adjustment functions, effectively suppress noise and interference, improving the system's stability and sound transmission performance. The overall sound quality reaches an ideal state, gaining unanimous recognition from the on-site personnel.