Jinan International Airport, a vital air travel hub and aerial transportation hub in China, is taking steps to enhance its emergency management capabilities. The airport, which falls under the management of Shandong Provincial Airport Management Group, has recently chosen the Takstar DG-S100 tabletop conference system for its Emergency Rescue Command Center. This strategic decision aims to create a more efficient meeting environment and improve coordination and communication during critical operations.

Spanning an impressive area of approximately 7,180 mu and located about 33 kilometers northeast of Jinan City, Jinan International Airport plays a crucial role in the country's air transportation network. With its selection of the DG-S100 conference system, the Emergency Rescue Command Center aims to effectively implement emergency management decisions and ensure seamless collaboration among team members.


The DG-S100 conference system comprises a host unit, chairman units, and delegate units. Its cutting-edge features include an 8-core cable daisy chain connection method, which enables convenient "hot-swappable" connections. This means that when a unit is disconnected and reconnected, there is no need to reconfigure the system settings, streamlining the setup process and saving valuable time. The system offers flexibility in terms of configuration, with the ability to accommodate up to 250 units. It provides a range of functionalities, including different meeting modes (free, alternate, limited speech, and chairman priority), and video tracking. These features enhance control over meeting proceedings, ensuring orderly discussions and facilitating seamless audio pickup in various settings.


The Takstar DG-S100 conference system has garnered widespread praise from the officials responsible for inspecting the system during its on-site acceptance at the Center. They lauded its user-friendly operation, robust expandability, and exceptional audio clarity. Moreover, the team expressed their appreciation for the exemplary service attitude demonstrated by Takstar, the provider of the conference system.