The Third Primary School in Jimusaer County was established in 2011 and is located at No. 64, Cultural West Road, Jimusaer County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It is a boarding school composed of multiple ethnic groups such as Han, Uygur, Hui, Kazakh, and Mongolian. With its teaching conditions and teacher qualifications, the school has won honors such as the "County-level Teaching Quality Award," "Morality Education Demonstration School," and "Bilingual Education Advanced Collective." 


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In order to improve education quality and create a diversified campus culture, the school aims to build a lecture hall with a high-quality audio-visual environment. Through comprehensive analysis of building characteristics and area size, Takstar (Xinjiang) team selected the ELA-082 linear array full-range speaker with the EKA-N series amplifier as the main sound amplification, which offers lush and powerful bass, clear and transparent mid-range, and bright and smooth high-frequency sound. 




To compensate for the blind spots of the main speaker, the solution utilized EKL-101 filling speakers to supplement the uniformity of sound reinforcement in the front row of the audience area, and EKS-121 speakers on the stage for stage monitoring. EKL-121 professional speakers are installed on both sides of the lecture hall as rear-fill speakers to provide precise and uniform coverage throughout the venue, ensuring that every audience member has a rich and full listening experience.




For the audio source equipment, the solution chose the X7 long-distance wireless microphone with a transmission distance of up to 500 meters, stable signal reception, and low noise. The entire audio system is equipped with EA series amplifier, XR26 digital mixer, EKX-408 digital audio processor, EPO-802N power sequencer, EKX-5A digital effects processor, and other equipment, making it more adaptable to sound reinforcement needs in different scenarios, providing strong support for the school's speeches, campus meetings, talent shows, and other activities.