Hubei Dinglong Holdings was founded in 2000 and is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in research, production, and service of integrated circuit design, semiconductor process materials, and advanced semiconductor packaging materials. With more than 20 subsidiaries, it has developed into an enterprise group with production and research bases in Hubei Province, the Yangtze River Delta, and the Pearl River Delta. 


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Recently, Hubei Dinglong Holdings held the opening ceremony of the Dinglong Advanced Materials Research Institute and the mass production and launching ceremony of advanced packaging materials. In the conference room, a themed exchange meeting titled "Building Dreams with Dinglong, Creating the Future" was successfully held, focusing on the innovation achievements of Dinglong in the optoelectronic semiconductor field and the development trend of future semiconductor new materials. 


Takstar (Hubei) team provided technical support for the on-site survey, system design, selection, installation, and commissioning of the sound system involved in the conference room. Based on the site area and architectural acoustics, the team selected the ESC-90 column speakers as the sound reinforcement equipment, configured on both sides of the conference room, to provide precise and uniform coverage and a smooth listening experience for the audience area.

The ESC-90 column speaker consists of nine 4-inch 25-core paper cone woofers, with flexible and fatigue-resistant rubber surround for excellent low-frequency response, fast and dynamic mid-low frequency reaction, and symmetric design of the magnetic circuit to reduce harmonic distortion. The speakers are linearly arranged in the vertical direction with small vertical directivity and longer propagation distance. It also features a unique sound correction circuit that can adjust the high-frequency, and "near-field" and "far-field" modes for application in different occasions. 





For microphone equipment, the team chose the G5 wireless microphone with a transmission distance of up to 100 meters, which is suitable for speaking during keynote presentations. Its digital pilot tone technology effectively prevents frequency interference and howling, ensuring stable signal reception and clear and sensitive pick-up. In terms of sound processing, the EKA-8D digital amplifier, XR26 digital mixer, and peripheral equipment such as the EKX-408 digital audio processor and EPO-802P power sequencer can adjust the overall volume, sound quality, and effect according to the different needs of the conference occasion, eliminate echo and noise interference, making the sound transmission cleaner and clearer, further ensuring the efficiency and quality of the conference activities.