Takstar was recently chosen by Guilin Hongmou Hotel to provide a high-quality conference system for its conference room. The hotel, built by Guilin New Urban Investment Group according to international standards, integrates accommodation, dining, conference, and leisure entertainment. Thanks to its rich landscape design, innovative theme and elegant cultural and artistic charm, the hotel has been well-received by the industry and guests alike, and has won multiple awards such as "China's Best Themed Hotel", "Top 10 City Charm Hotels", and "China Hotel Industry Quality Service Award". 


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To meet the hotel's requirements of clear sound reproduction, stable performance, and intelligent management, Takstar's professional audio technology team selected the DG-S100 desktop wired conference system after conducting on-site inspections of the conference room. The system is equipped with the DG-S100R control unit, DG-S100 T1 chairman units, and DG-S100 T2 delegate units, which can realize functions such as free/alternate/restricted/chairman-prioritized speech modes, and video tracking. The 8-core T-type daisy chain connection supports hot-swapping, and there is no need to re-configure the units after re-connection, making installation more convenient.

The conference system is easy to use and can be controlled with specialized software on a computer via RJ45/RS232 interface. The number of chairman and delegate units can be configured freely as needed, and the total unit capacity can be expanded up to 250, meeting the needs of various large, medium, and small conferences, discussions, reports, and other uses, facilitating efficient collaboration.