Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is the 40th city in mainland China that has opened rail transit. Hohhot Metro currently operates a total of 2 metro lines, namely Hohhot Line 1 and Line 2. They were officially put into commission on October 1, 2020 after 2 years and 8 months of construction.



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In order to facilitate daily management and improve service quality, the client decided to upgrade their existing audio system in the conference room. Takstar (Inner Mongolia) engineering team undertook the mission and built an intelligent one-stop audio system composed of the DG-S100 hand-in-hand conference system, EKS series speakers, EKA amplifier and other peripherals.


DG-S100 Conference System

he DG-S100 system is connected via 8-conductor cables in a daisy chain configuration, which allows you to attach as many microphones as required to handle large conferences. The system also supports several meeting modes (incl. free mode, FIFO mode, limit mode, chairman only mode) and video tracking function, greatly increasing meeting efficiency.



[Effect & Feedback]

The whole sound reinforcement system is easy to use, has good stability and provides clear and intelligible audio, which leads to great work efficiency improvement of the company.