The research and judgment Office of Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department is a public security internal system which mainly studies and judges a certain case or a certain period of public security situation in the province, summarizes and analyzes the relevant information, evaluates the situation, forecasts the trend, and puts forward the period work measures and measures of the provincial police system. In order to better conduct research and judgment, enhance internal communication efficiency, and formulate reasonable and effective work objectives when facing various kinds of case information, Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department plans to upgrade the conference audio system of the research and judgment room. For this reason, the project team of Takstar (Guangzhou) has customized a set of sound system installation scheme to help the conference to be more efficient and orderly in accordance with the use requirements of Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, from the four requirements of clear sound quality, stable performance, energy conservation and environmental protection, and simple maintenance.


Facing the requirements of Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department for the equipment in the research and judgment room to improve the conference efficiency, the project team of Takstar (Guangzhou) chooses MS200-4 conference microphone with long pickup distance, clear sound quality and low noise, stable signal reception, and the X7HH long distance wireless microphone with anti-interference ability as the audio source equipment, and the EKS-081 full frequency speaker cabinet with strong stability and bright sound reinforcement and EKA-403 300W 4CH amplifier with soft tone. From the aspects of sound effect, equipment sensitivity, stability and convenient use, the solution can fully meet the needs of the conference use in the research and judgment room.


The installation solution selects TS-808V 8CH intelligent mixer with chairman priority speech mode, sequential speech mode and free speech mode on peripheral equipment, EKS-4A effecter, XR-210FX 10CH mixer and EPO-802N power sequencer which can effectively ensure the overall stability of conference audio system, so as to better enhance the overall anti-interference ability of the equipment and reduce the unwanted noise and signal to the conference. It is more effective to help the work of the study room and the meeting to be carried out efficiently and orderly.


As the leading company of China's electro-acoustic industry, Takstar has been successfully applied to the military, people's court, public security department and other government functional departments, and has won many affirmation. The installation solution fully takes into account the application demand of the research and judgment room of Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, and satisfies many factors such as clear sound quality, good stability and convenient application, which is highly recognized by Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department.