The Jilin Gongzhuling Political Consultative Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference is located in Xinfa, Gongzhuling, Siping City, Jilin Province. Gongzhuling City is a county-level city directly under the jurisdiction of Jilin Province, located in the central western part of Jilin Province. It has been granted the authority of economic and social management authority of prefecture level city. The conference room of Gongzhuling Political Consultative Committee is used as the office of daily conference. In order to better carry out the conference work of "political consultation, democratic supervision, participation in politics and political discussion", the conference room needs a set of high quality audio system, and Takstar company can provide audio system solution to better promote the efficient development of the conference. Finally, Gongzhuling Municipal Committee of the Political Consultative Conference chooses Takstar conference audio system solution.


        The conference room of Gongzhuling Political Consultative Committee can accommodate more than 50 people. The conference room is equipped with four EKS-081 conference speaker cabinet and KEA-3A power amplifier, EPO-802 power sequencer, which can effectively control all kinds of electrical equipment and avoid misoperation. The rack has series connection with three TS-108 conference systems to achieve the simultaneous operation of 26 wired conference microphones MS400-1. TS-108 is a 10CH conference system for microphone balanced / unbalanced input signal input and series connection of multiple units. The built-in 48V phantom power is designed for microphone power supply. The built-in frequency shift circuit technology rejects feedback. The solution uses FE-224 feedback suppressor to make the conference installation easier and conference more efficient. MS400-1 conference microphone is tailored for the conference room. It adopts the touch switch microphone features high sensitivity, wide pickup range and clear sound. When used with the wireless microphone TC-4R, it can also be used for mobile speech.