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Personal Recording

In Personal recording field, TAKSTAR has researched and products a series of high quality products like human voice and musical instruments microphones, monitor headphones and consoles etc. which are hugely admired in customers. It also provides a series of great products for recording studio and other audio systems which are widely used in college recording studio, music recording, musical instruments recording.

System Installation Rendering Picture

System Connection Diagram


  • Before using, please turn the volume of the speaker or console to the minimum, connect the phantom power with the microphone, then turn on the phantom power and adjust the suitable volume from low to high. To avoid the speaker being shocked, please keep it away from the speaker, and do not point the microphone to the speaker.
  • Microphone is with high sensitivity, do not drop from a height or apply strong shock.
  • Keep and store the microphone in the clean and dry places, and do not use it under the high humidity, temperature environment to avoid impact on the sensitivity and timbre. Thanks for purchasing TAKSTAR PC-K820 recording microphone, to exert the best performance, please read this manual detailedly before using the microphone.

If you want to know more about the solution technology, please contact our technology support.

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