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High Quality And Abundant Production Capacities

As a technology-driven enterprise, Takstar has the advantages of R&D, manufacturing, processing and service. We cooperate with our customers in many different ways, offering finished goods as well as individual components and project solutions. Starting in 1998, we provide both OEM and ODM services for high-level audio brands. Our customers come from 55 different nations worldwide, while our huge product range includes microphones, headphones, amps, integrated applications and audio systems.

Annual Production Capacities:




headphone sets


professional power amplifiers


professional speaker cabinets


set of integrated applications

Finished Goods

Takstar employs a R&D center consisting of more than 100 electro-acoustic engineers and a factory of over 210,000 sq. meters that has workshops for headphones, speaker cabs and wired/wireless microphones, as well as various automated production equipment.Our products are being sold widely in domestic and international markets.


Having a long list of OEM cooperations, we provide one-stop solutions including mechanical and acoustic design, contour design, electronic circuits and system integration.Besides that, we have the capabilities to do fast R&D and manufacture products/components according to particular market requirements (e.g. customized cell phone microphones for Karaoke platforms).


We have been providing ODM solutions for high-level audio brands for more than 20 years. Beginning with the arrival of raw/stock materials, each step is strictly observed and checked to ensure perfect production quality, thus Takstar serves as a reliable cooperation partner for its customers and helps them win the market share.


Takstar has a rich experience in design as well as the production capabilities to offer a large range of high-quality electronic components and accessories to be used in finished products of different technical predicaments, with the possibility of customization to meet specific demands (providing not only the components, e.g. cartridges, speakers, metal parts, cables and plastic parts, but also services like painting, printing and packaging).

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