Parts & Components

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Solutions of Customized Products

Takstar has the design and manufacturing capability of high-quality parts and components for various industries. These can easily be tailored for partial or finished goods to fit your individual demands. Not only do we provide cartridges, cables, metal and plastic parts, but also painting, silkscreen printing, packaging and more.


Takstar’s business department specializes in cartridge design and manufacturing, with an advanced cartridge R&D team, high-efficiency production lines and dust-free, eco-friendly workshops of constant temperature and humidity levels.In those we mainly dedicate to the production of high-fidelity Φ6mm-Φ20mm condenser and Φ18mm-Φ34mm gold-plated large diaphragm cartridges which feature anti-interference protection, low residual noise and a wide frequency response.


Our speaker department bears various kinds of equipment for analysis and testing, as well as automated production and the means to verify reliability.We tailor design and manufacturing to your custom requirements and, among others, maintain strict production standards for 2-6 inch multimedia, hi-fi, home cinema and planar magnetic speakers.

Metal & Plastic Parts

This section specializes in die-casting and punching metal, plastic injection, cable processing and more. With its multiple zinc alloy die-casting machines, deburring devices, Mazak CNC drilling and precise digital threading instruments, a laser-carving machine, 86-450 ton automatic plastic injection machines, 15-25 ton vertical connector plastic injection machines for metal processing and hyper-accurate cable manufacturing, we select just "the best" refined material to preserve the high standard / low cost rationality of our mass production practice.

Painting & Silkscreen

The workshop that maintains painting, silkscreening and pad-printing of plastic or metal housing, using the complete range of facilities (Class 10,000 dust-free painting workshop and automated ABB equipment) to meet the strict requirements of various kinds of parts processing. Our devoted technicians precisely observe each step from incoming material up to processing, painting, roasting and quality inspection – in order to examine the parts’ glossy finish and comfortable touch, as well as their anti paint-detachment, anti-erosion and anti-abrasiveness properties.


Takstar operates multiple kinds of advanced printing equipment (e.g. Heidelberger presses) and runs the entire manufacturing process from document checking and purchase of material up to QC to follow the principle of high quality / low cost, offering catalogues, user manuals, boxes of all kinds, advertising documents, round paper cans and more.