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MX630 Webcast Pro Sound Card

  • Sound Card
  • Tailored for network Karaoke, webcast or pro recording, compatible with Windows7/8/10 system

  • USB 2.0 data transmission, high speed, ultra-low delay

  • Supporting 24bit/96KHz accurate sampling, clearer recording and playing

  • ASIO 2.0 driver standard, compatible with more than two VSTs for webcast or pro recording

  • Powerful recording and playing function, connecting microphone for webcast, multiple person chatting fluently during webcast

  • Supporting MME/WDM/DirectSound, easy audio signal transmission from sound card to PC

  • Volume adjustment of mic/headset/speaker out/cell phone recording

  • Two combo mic/instrument input connectors to link with mic/instrument

  • One 3.5mm cell phone connector for webcast on PC/cell phone simultaneously

  • Two L/R CH 6.3mm TRS bal output connector to link with active speaker cabinet

Product Detail

Mic/Line in 1-2
• Frequency Response:20Hz-20KHz(±1dB)
• Dynamic Range:80dB,A- weighted
• S/N Ratio:75dB,A- weighted
• THD + Noise:<0.017%(-75dB)
• Intermodulation Distortion:-86dB @ 1KHz
• Input Impedance:inst in,6.8KΩ,typical 
• Mic in:6.8KΩ,typical
• Adjustable Gain:>50dB
• Gain Range:+54dB

Line/Accompaniment 3-4
• Frequency Response:20Hz-20KHz(±1dB)
• S/N Ratio:100dB,A- weighted
• THD + Noise:<0.0031%(-90dB) 
• Dynamic Range:97dB,A- weighted
• Max Input Level:+0dB  gain:0dB

Headphone output 1-2
• Frequency Response:20Hz-20KHz(±1dB)
• Dynamic Range:99dB,A- weighted
• S/N Ratio:103dB,A- weighted
• THD + Noise:<0.0056%(-85 dB) 
• Intermodulation Distortion:-75dB @ 1KHz
• Power:90mW/100Ω
• Output Impedance:75Ω
• Load Impedance:32-600Ω

Line out L/R 
• Frequency Response:20Hz-20KHz(±1dB)
• Dynamic Range:98dB,A- weighted
• S/N Ratio:102dB,A- weighted
• THD + Noise:<0.0141%(-77 dB) 
• Intermodulation Distortion:-65dB @ 1KHz
• Output Impedance:75Ω
• Load Impedance:32-600Ω
• Max Output Level:+0 dBV

General Specification
• Data Transmission:USB2.0
• Sample Ratio:44.1-96KHz/24bit
• Power Supply:DC 12V 1A(external power supply)
• Operation Temperature Range:0-40℃
• Dimension:140*140*33.5mm(L*W*H)
• Net Weight:approximate 465g

• Cell Phone Connector:Φ3.5mm
• Accompaniment Connector:Φ3.5mm
• Mic Connector 1:XLR+Φ6.35mm
• Mic Connector 2:XLR+Φ6.35mm
• Headphone Connector 1:Φ6.35mm
• Headphone Connector 2:Φ6.35mm
• Speaker Connector:Φ6.35mm(L+R)
• Power Supply Connector:DC 12V 1A
• Data Connector:USB 2.0
Webcast, influencer marketing, network Karaoke, pro recording
  • MX630   sound card                                  
1 pc       
  • Type-C data cable                  
1 pc
  • Audio cable                           
2 pcs  
  • Power adapter                                             
1 pc
  • User manual                           
1 pc
*PACKAGING:Color box, (L*W*H)275*177*78mm

  • User manual

    MX630 Webcast Pro Sound Card User manual2020-09-10 08:47:42Download

  • Driver software

    MX630 Webcast Pro Sound Card Driver Download(new)2021-01-29 14:19:28Download

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