Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, or BUAA, was established in 1952. With campuses spanning over 4,000 mu (around 2,471 acres), including the Xueyuan Road campus, Shahe campus, and Hangzhou International campus, the university boasts impressive facilities, a strong faculty, and robust research capabilities. As a key national university directly under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, BUAA is part of China's "Double First-Class" initiative and is a "985 Project" and "211 Project" institution.

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For the lecture halls at BUAA's Xueyuan Road campus, the university has installed a comprehensive audio system provided by Takstar. As a multifunctional space for daily discussions and briefings, the system was designed with a focus on speech clarity, sound pickup gain, ease of operation, and maintenance.

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Takstar's ESC-044 column speakers were strategically placed to ensure uniform sound coverage and sufficient clarity. These speakers feature high-frequency filtering capabilities to adjust the brightness of the audio. They also offer "music," "voice," and "smooth" playback modes to cater to the diverse needs of the lecture halls.

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The DG-S100 tabletop conference system, with the DG-S100T1 chairman unit and DG-S100T2 delegate units, enables flexible meeting management features such as free discussion, speaking queue, and chairman control. The 8-core "T-type daisy chain" connection technology simplifies the wiring and installation.

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To accommodate mobile speakers, the Takstar (Beijing) technical team equipped the venue with TS-3380 wireless microphones. Operating on the UHF frequency band, these microphones offer stable signal reception, channel ID recognition to prevent interference, and a working range of up to 100 meters, making them suitable for various public settings.

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To centralize the audio control and processing, the system utilizes the AM10 analog mixer and the EA-2 professional power amplifier with a Class-AB + toroidal transformer design, delivering powerful and refined sound output. The entire system is connected and controlled by the EKX-306 digital audio processor, which can be remotely accessed via USB or RS232 for convenient programming and scheduling. The EPO-802P power sequencer ensures stable and safe power supply.