Zhejiang Huaxiang Research and Learning Base, nestled within the picturesque Xihugang Resort Area in Qiangtou Town, Xiangshan County, Ningbo City, has recently partnered with Takstar to elevate its audio capabilities to new heights. This facility serves as a customized venue for study programs, summer camps, and team-building activities catering to primary and secondary school students. Boasting an expansive area spanning over 40 acres, the base encompasses approximately 8,000 square meters of space, equipped with various facilities including a restaurant, multifunctional hall, classrooms, and accommodation areas.


For this project, Takstar (Zhejiang) team embarked on a mission to enhance the sound system within the base's restaurant and multifunctional hall. Through meticulous on-site inspections and a deep understanding of the diverse sound reinforcement requirements for different occasions, Takstar curated bespoke solutions tailored to each unique space.


The restaurant, known for its capacious design accommodating up to 400 individuals, now boasts an impressive audio setup. The carefully crafted solution revolves around the utilization of the ELA-082 line array full-range speakers, working harmoniously with the ELA-181 subwoofer to serve as the main sound reinforcement system. This powerful combination is complemented by the ELV-121M stage monitors, EKA series professional power amplifiers, and an array of other cutting-edge equipment, culminating in a comprehensive sound system that ensures optimal coverage and pristine audio quality. The ELA-082 line array speakers excel in delivering high sensitivity, precise midrange performance, and exceptional high-frequency resolution, catering to the demand for both impressive sound pressure levels and uncompromising sound fidelity, all while maintaining an elegant and distortion-free audio experience.






—Multifunctional Hall—

Meanwhile, the multifunctional hall, designed to accommodate conferences, lectures, and movie screenings, has undergone a transformative audio upgrade. The focal point of this setup is the deployment of the EKS-151 full-range speakers as the core sound reinforcement system. These speakers are meticulously engineered to provide a wide frequency response, transparent reproduction of vocals and instruments, and an immersive and natural sound environment. Complementing the EKS-151 speakers are the EKS series full-range speakers, serving as supplementary reinforcement to leverage the advantages of planar waveguide technology. This approach effectively addresses phase distortion while delivering captivating sound reproduction with impeccable clarity, distinct layering, and rich audio depth. The system is further fortified with the inclusion of remarkable equipment, including the G108 wireless conference system, EKA series professional power amplifiers, and the XR-612FX mixing console. This comprehensive installation ensures seamless functionality, exceptional sound reproduction, and unwavering system stability, empowering the Base to orchestrate a wide range of activities and events with excellent audio precision.