When autumn arrives, one naturally thinks of Shanghai, the vibrant metropolis that blends modern skyscrapers with a touch of international charm and romance. From October 11th to 14th, Takstar made its grand appearance in the city of Shanghai during the Music China International Musical Instruments Exhibition. Let's take a glimpse at the exciting moments Takstar showcased during the event!


In the golden season of autumn, the Music China 2023 Exhibition attracted waves of music enthusiasts. The Takstar booth became a bustling hub, capturing the attention of numerous exhibitors and attendees with its impressive array of new products and professional technical demonstrations.




As a leading player in the audio industry, Takstar distinguished itself with a unique booth design that stood out from other exhibitors. Under the self-curated TAKSTAR brand, the booth showcased Takstar's comprehensive audio solutions for professional recording microphones, sound cards, headphones, studio and live streaming audio products. The booth also featured a range of audio systems and conference solutions, providing a one-stop audio solution for various applications.






Takstar prepared an array of engaging activities at the exhibition. The Lucky Wheel lottery drew participants in with the promise of exciting prizes, ensuring that everyone had a delightful and rewarding experience. Singers showcased their talents using Takstar's professional microphones and audio systems, captivating the audience with the authentic and nuanced sound quality.





Despite being Takstar's first time participating in the Music China exhibition, the company achieved remarkable success. Takstar's SM-10 Professional Recording Microphone and MX3 Mixer Webcast Sound Card garnered recognition in the 2023 Music China Global New Product Launch event, thanks to their outstanding sound quality and innovative design, securing a spot as "Finalists for New Products"!


As the curtains closed on the Music China 2023 Exhibition in Shanghai, Takstar extends its gratitude to all music enthusiasts and instrument manufacturers/sellers who visited the Takstar booth. The farewells after the cherished moments at the exhibition only strengthen the bond, as we set sail for new horizons!