Shanghai Diyu Enterprise Group Co., Ltd., a prominent corporation specializing in management consulting, business advisory, financial services, and restaurant management, has recently upgraded its conference hall with an advanced sound reinforcement system provided by Takstar.

Established in 2010 and headquartered in Shanghai's Minhang District, Shanghai Diyu Enterprise Group recognizes the importance of creating a professional and immersive audio environment for their meetings and events. To address this need, Takstar's skilled engineering team meticulously designed a tailored solution that optimizes sound quality, clarity, and versatility.


Takstar's experts carefully analyzed the conference hall's structure and acoustic principles to devise an ideal system configuration. The centerpiece of the solution is the EKS series professional speakers, renowned for their exceptional tonal quality, precise audio layering, and heightened sensitivity. These speakers are strategically deployed using a flexible multi-point suspension system, ensuring convenient installation and seamless integration within the conference hall. To complement the setup, the EKT series full-range speakers were selected, further enhancing the system's coverage capabilities and delivering crystal-clear, vibrant sound across the entire space.


In addition to the speakers, Takstar incorporated the EKA and EBS series power amplifiers, along with a power sequencer and other peripheral devices, to optimize audio transmission and control. This comprehensive arrangement guarantees exceptional sound fidelity, minimizing distortion and feedback issues commonly encountered during meetings and training sessions.


The installation process prioritized the practical needs of the Group's conference room. The final solution not only ensures remarkable audio clarity but also guarantees long-term stability and reliability of the entire system. The seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and meticulous engineering has earned Takstar high praise and appreciation from the client.