The warm orange light reflects on the wine glass, and the old friends are chatting with each other. In such a comfortable atmosphere, a soothing light music is particularly important. The decoration style of Jinan shadow bar is simple and generous. It is suitable for friends to have dinner and talk with each other. In order to further improve the atmosphere of the bar, guests can experience high-quality music when they consume. After many investigations, Jinan shadow bar chooses the Takstar one-stop sound solution.



The project team of Takstar (Jinan) has provided a set of high-quality sound solutions for Jinan shadow bar according to the sound field of the bar. Takstar EKS-101 professional speaker is a two way full range speaker cabinet. The speaker cabinet has high sensitivity, beautiful and rich sound. It is equipped with Takstar EKA-3A professional power amplifier and Takstar XR 612FX mixer. The whole audio system provides audio amplification and output functions for the bar. In terms of microphone, the project team of Takstar (Jinan) has selected TS-89 series UHF dual handheld microphone for less interference and more reliable transmission. The microphones have a full and clear vocal for best singing effect. The whole system meets the needs of the bar's daily activities or performances and provides an amazing music experience.